[Podcast] Ryan Delk of Gumroad teaches us about Authenticity, Creating Value, and Doing Hard Things

This week on Story Signals I’m excited to be speaking with Ryan Delk. Ryan is the head of Growth and Business Development at Gumroad, a payment platform that helps entrepreneurs, artists, and writers share their work with fans. He shares his journey from the University of Florida, to Africa, then Square, and now San Francisco […]

Get Focused in 2014

Earlier this month, I read Steve Jobs, the autobiography of the great innovator and tech giant. Throughout the book, a central message was evident in Jobs’ life, and seemed to be the overarching theme of his work at Apple. Focus The ability to focus on what truly matters to the product and the user is […]

Using Content Marketing to Overcome Customer Objections

Content marketing is a great way to use your skills and knowledge to help customers overcome their objections to your product or service. Potential customers and clients naturally have their radar up to try and sift through your message and learn what’s really important. Get that? Your customers want to learn. You’re going to teach […]

Why Small Businesses are the New Farming Class

The United States actually began as a society of small businesses, we just don’t think of early agriculture that way. During colonial times, nearly 90% of Americans made their living through farming and ranching. While most farms were used to provide for the family and community, regional shipping was common as farms became modernized. But for the […]

The Generosity Model

Quick. Name a low-cost, effective way to grow your readership, connect with other bloggers, and gain the most valuable asset of all – trust. What did you come up with? Comment down below! Feeling stumped? I’ll tell you my answer … Be Generous That’s right. Give outrageously valuable content away. Help people out and expect nothing […]

Win Michael Hyatt’s New Book, Platform


Last week, I finished reading Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World, and was impressed by the range of topics Michael covers in a compelling fashion. If you’ve ever read Michael’s blog, you know he has mastered the art of communicating with brevity and effectiveness. Platform is an easy read because of his writing style, […]