The Great Unknown Fog of Life


  Last week I went backpacking for three days on the Appalachian Trail. In this picture, we’re headed up Big Hump in the Roan Highlands of NC & TN. In front are my friends Tryon and John, and we’re with five other guys. Six of us had never been on this section of trail before! […]

The Heavens Have Already Opened

I can be caught up wishing I was a part of certain group. For the past few days, I’ve wistfully looked at pictures and updates from Bob Goff’s Lodge Retreat, filled with natural beauty and stories from people I admire. Bob was there, of course, and so was Don, John, Ryan, Carlos, Shauna, Propaganda, Jen, plus […]

Motivated by Love

John 14:15 says: “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.” Okay- now what? Should I learn every law in the Bible, write them down, paste it up on my wall and make sure I do my best to follow them every day? Sometimes the focus will become lack of obedience, leading to a […]

Off the Grid

Hey Everyone, I’ll be away from my blog from April 25-30, attending a Men’s retreat in Arizona. In my absence, my sister Laura will be guest posting, so be on the lookout for that! Laura is a talented young writer, majoring in English and Creative Writing. I know you will enjoy her essay. As for […]

What To Do Next Time You’re Wronged

We’ve all been wronged, sometimes by people close to us, people we work with, and by strangers. What is our initial response? Surprise, hurt, thoughts (or actions) of vengeance. I know I do. How about instead, we take these 5 steps: Forgive them Take them out to dinner Apologize for your wrongs Consider ways you’ve […]

We Are All Being Used

Today, you will be used. It may be in ways that are productive and healthy, or ways that are destructive to ourselves and others. We are used by family, friends, co-workers, people on the street, and over the internet. This is not entirely good or bad news, it is how the world works! We are […]

22 People Who Are Better Than Me (in a good way!)

Today I got down to thinking about what I really want to write about, and more specifically, where I would want the process to take me. I would love to be able to travel, wrote about nature, the outdoors, make short films, coach football, help those in need, go on mission trips, and work with […]