You Have to Be Interesting: The Good News Is You Are

2014-05-12 12.52.58

I’ve always struggled with the balance of a steady writing practice and writing to fit a niche. I believe it’s one of the reasons this site hasn’t really “taken off” in a take-over-the-internet-blow-up-and-make-money sense. That’s ok, because not everything is about money. The other part of the equation is pride. The desire to see your […]

Want to Create? Then Prepare for Pain – A Guest Post for Goins, Writer


Great news everyone! Jeff Goins, author of the book Wrecked, and the brains behind the top writing blog, Goins, Writer, has kindly approved my guest post! Jeff’s writing has been instrumental in my own journey in to creativity, blogging, and the craft of writing. You can access the article in the link below. I would […]

Black Friday for Bloggers: The Best Sales

Start A Beautiful, Professional Blog for less than $100 I hope you all had an incredible Thanksgiving, filled with the 3 F’s: Family, Food, and Football. At least that’s what mine consisted of, with a little 4 mile Turkey Trot to get the day started. Good times. As a thank you for being great email readers and […]

How Many Is Enough?


“Matt, I really enjoy reading your blog, I look forward to your posts each time” “I’m so glad you’re writing about this topic, I wish I had realized it when I was younger” “Your writing inspires me to take a chance in my life” In the pursuit of large subscriber counts, high traffic, and monetization, […]

You Are Enough – My Guest Post on TentBlogger


Exciting News! I have a guest post being published today on TentBlogger! John Saddington has kindly approved my post, and you can read it here: You Are Enough – Do You Believe It? TentBlogger has become one of my favorite resources for learning great strategies for content development, growing an audience, and monetizing your blog. […]

7 Lessons from My Adventure in Self-Hosted Blogging


When I first started blogging intentionally in December 2011, I did what many people do and signed up for a free account at It was safe, risk-free, and a good way to see if I was really committed to this blogging and writing thing. Turns out I am. In the 4.5 months since, I’ve […]

Trail Runner Magazine Publishes My Article

Trail Runner Publishes My Article!

Great news everyone, my guest article has been published by Trail Runner magazine! I really appreciate the opportunity to contribute to the leading trail running publication, and would be honored if you would go check it out! If you like it, please share on Facebook, Twitter, or leave a comment. Read the post here Visiting […]

You Are A Writer – A Look at Jeff Goins Newest Ebook


Did Jeff write me a personal letter on becoming a writer? The voice he writes in rings with the experience of someone who has been through the fire, and come out with pages of knowledge he wants to share! For all the aspiring writers, bloggers, creatives in the building, let me tell you this is […]

Keep Singing

I don’t normally post entertainment videos, I simply don’t run a viral video kind of site. The videos I’ve posted are ones I feel inspire, educate, and kick-start adventure. But this video from Britain’s Got Talent blew me away. Before you play the video, let’s have a quick look at the contestants, shall we? Meet […]