If Only…

One of the slyest ways the resistance will sabotage human creativity, even happiness, is by inserting the thought “Well if only I had this”.

There are countless variations on this mindset, thinking:

“If only I had these friends”

“If only I dated that person”

“If only I had some venture capital”

“If only I had the new MacBook Pro”

“If only I could get a book deal”

“If only I lived in Silicon Valley”

“If only my restaurant was in a better section of town”

Then everything would fall in to place, and I would be happy, productive, rich, famous, in love, and all would be right with the world.

This is a Lie

There will never be a better time to start than right now, today. Once you go down the slippery slope of “If only”, you will find no end to it. Instead of applying yourself to the work you’re called to do, you will vainly chase that which does not matter, and ignore a world waiting to be impacted.

Consider these examples:

  • 37Signals has never taken VC money, and is based in Chicago, far from Silicon Valley.
  • 12 Bones is on the fringe of Asheville, open just 5 hours a day, and has a line down the block, every day.
  • Jeff Goins blogged his way to a book deal, by giving away his first books for free, gaining the trust of thousands.
  • Sweetwater Brewing began crafting beer 10 years before it became a national sensation, and thousands of miles from the “right place”.
  • Sam Ovens knew nothing about property management, before making millions on property management.

Once you begin, I believe you will find what is needed to keep going, and growth will happen where you didn’t expect it. Success does not come from making sure everything is perfect before you begin, but in making thousands of little adjustments and learning from the experience.

So take what you have, both internally and externally, and begin. The World is waiting.

photo credit to catalin82

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