Competition, Community, and Cartels

The incredible opportunities available to people to share their creative work and build a tribe are unprecedented. Whatever your work, cause, or mission, you can use the web, social media, and digital publishing to spread the word. The gatekeepers have been shoved aside, and never before in the history of mankind have such opportunities existed…. Read More


How Many Is Enough?

“Matt, I really enjoy reading your blog, I look forward to your posts each time” “I’m so glad you’re writing about this topic, I wish I had realized it when I was younger” “Your writing inspires me to take a chance in my life” In the pursuit of large subscriber counts, high traffic, and monetization,… Read More


If Only…

One of the slyest ways the resistance will sabotage human creativity, even happiness, is by inserting the thought “Well if only I had this”. There are countless variations on this mindset, thinking: “If only I had these friends” “If only I dated that person” “If only I had some venture capital” “If only I had… Read More


Are You Willing to Fail?

When you start a project, think of the initial meet-and-greet like picking up a person from the airport. Your project is happy to see you, wants to get started, and excitement is high! Unfortunatley, your project’s luggage was mishandled, and won’t show up until later. Right now, know that it has a carry-on bag with… Read More

is your well of inspiration running dry?

How Deep Is Your Well?

Last week, I wrote about beginning your day as a producer. The ability to wake up in the morning and create something is invigorating. I say this because my day can really become bogged down by consumption, especially the mindless grazing of email, analytics, and social media. But, not all consumption is bad, in fact we need… Read More