You Are A Writer – A Look at Jeff Goins Newest Ebook


Did Jeff write me a personal letter on becoming a writer? The voice he writes in rings with the experience of someone who has been through the fire, and come out with pages of knowledge he wants to share! For all the aspiring writers, bloggers, creatives in the building, let me tell you this is […]

22 People Who Are Better Than Me (in a good way!)

Today I got down to thinking about what I really want to write about, and more specifically, where I would want the process to take me. I would love to be able to travel, wrote about nature, the outdoors, make short films, coach football, help those in need, go on mission trips, and work with […]

Running an Ultra Marathon: 0-40 in 6 Weeks (Part 2)

On Sunday, I posted part 1 of my story about preparing for and running the Mt Mitchell Challenge. Here is part 2. I have to tell you that my final week of training and preparation did not go to plan. I was in Florida, traveling for work, and spending the majority of my time driving. […]

9 Techniques for Better Public Speaking

“A study was done where they asked people what their biggest fear was. The number 1 response was public speaking. Number 2 was death! Number 2?! That means if you were at a funeral, you would rather be in the casket than giving the eulogy!” – Jerry Seinfeld In my work, I regularly speak in […]