The Power of Story – A Guest Post for Michael Hyatt

Hey Everyone, I have a guest post being published today on Michael Hyatt’s blog! He has kindly approved my post, and I would greatly appreciate you reading it, sharing with your friends, and leaving a comment.

The 5 Elements of Powerful Stories

You can also see the slide deck I’ve used to give talks on the power of story in our work and daily lives. Enjoy!

Michael is one of my favorite writers and speakers, with a wealth of personal and professional experience in leadership, publishing, and life planning. He is the former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing, and the author of the best-selling book Platform (read my review of Platform). Learn more about Michael here.

Here are a few articles I recommend:

I also encourage you to check out Michael’s excellent podcast, it’s a regular on my rotation.

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ps – Check out my guest post last week on TentBlogger, it’s an mammoth research study on how 10 different elements impact our productivity. You can find it here.


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